Let’s say that you’ve started a new job, and you’d like to make a good impression on your new coworkers. How should you behave? Well, according to psychologist Amy Cuddy, people base their opinions on two things:

  1. Warmth – Are you someone they can trust?
  2. Competence – Are you someone they can respect and rely on?

In the workplace, people often focus on demonstrating their competence. They want their managers and coworkers to see that they’re smart and good at their jobs. But according to Cuddy, it’s a mistake to only focus on demonstrating your competence. It’s actually crucial to first prove to people that you’re trustworthy.

If you’re obviously competent, but you seem to lack warmth, people might view you as unapproachable, manipulative, or threatening. In contrast, if you’re viewed as warm and trustworthy, people will want to work with you, and they’ll be impressed with their skills and competencies.

So the next time you meet someone new, show that person that you’re someone who can be trusted. Be warm, friendly, and approachable. You’ll be certain to make a good impression!


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