Take a minute to look around your office. Is it neat? Messy? Colorful? Bland? Do you have inspirational posters on your wall? A framed picture of your cat, maybe? Well according to author Lily Bernheimer, your office speaks volumes about who you are. She claims that the way people decorate and maintain their offices says a lot about their personalities.

Bernheimer believes that there are five types of offices (and five types of people who inhabit them):


  • What it looks like: An office filled with books, stacks of papers, pictures, knickknacks, coffee mugs, and colorful Post-it notes.
  • Who inhabits it: An extrovert who loves chatting with coworkers and lots of stimulation. These people tend to be cheerful, busy, and assertive.


  • What it looks like: Very sparse and neat without a lot of decoration.
  • Who inhabits it: A hard-working, disciplined, reliable individual. These people may not be as creative as their cluttered coworkers, but they are great at getting work done and doing it right.


  • What it looks like: It keeps getting bigger and bigger. These individuals use their papers and personal items to keep claiming more space.
  • Who inhabits it: Dominant people who like to mark their territory. They tend to be assertive, ambitious, and not overly concerned about the needs of their coworkers.


  • What it looks like: It’s tucked into a corner or surrounded by some sort of barrier.
  • Who inhabits it: An introvert who feels distracted and overwhelmed by too much noise or stimulation. These people tend to be creative and productive, but they need their own space in order to be effective.


  • What it looks like: An orderly office that’s filled with personal photos, plants, artwork, and stylish accents.
  • Who inhabits it: An open, artistic, imaginative person. They like interacting with others, learning new things, and having the opportunity to be creative.

So what do you think? Does this seem accurate? Or is it completely off the mark? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section below!


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