Compassionate organizations tend to be more successful. When employees feel like they have their company’s support when they’re going through a difficult time, they feel safe and secure. They’re more willing to admit to mistakes and work as a team to find a solution. They’re more creative and innovative, because they know they won’t be punished if a new idea doesn’t work out as planned. And they tend to be more loyal, productive, and engaged in their work.

So would you describe your organization as compassionate? Do the people in your company behave in a kind and caring manner? Or is your workplace a little more disengaged?

The CompassionLab at the University of Michigan and the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley created an online quiz that will help you to answer these questions. Click the link below to take the quiz! After answering the questions, you’ll receive a score that will tell you how compassionate your organization is. You’ll also be provided with some tips on how to make your office a more caring, supportive place.



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