When you’re working from home and trying to social distance, it can get a little lonely. You may have started looking for distraction and companionship in new places. And what’s more convenient than your own backyard?

According to the Wall Street Journal, bird watching has been booming during the pandemic. But that’s not the only animal that’s been getting some love. In growing numbers, people have started to befriend squirrels.

Squirrels are cute, entertaining, and charismatic. They’re often bold enough to interact with you (if you’re offering treats). And they’re right there, outside your window.

People have started watching them, naming them, providing them with special food, and even building them adorable, squirrel-sized picnic tables. (Just Google “squirrel picnic tables” to see some of the wonderful things that people have built. Or you can buy your own squirrel picnic table here!)

Thomas Storesund took things a step farther by building elaborate sets for the squirrels in his yard to inhabit. He now makes videos of his furry friends and posts them on YouTube. He calls the videos “Larry’s Pandemic Show.” Here’s a particularly cute one of a squirrel destroying a miniature kitchen in his search for food…

In the past, squirrels have been denigrated. They’ve been called “rats with bushy tails.” And it’s true that squirrels can be destructive. (They can certainly wreak havoc on your bird feeder.)

But they can also be a comfort. They’re funny, goofy, and charming. They’re a happy distraction – and that’s what a lot of us need right now. So if you’re feeling lonely, take a look out your window. There just might be a furry face out there, waiting to entertain you.

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