Our Writers

Louis Biggie
Louis is the interim Director of Talent Management and Organization Development at The Johns Hopkins University.  His first job at Hopkins was as a senior analyst at the university’s Applied Physics Laboratory.  From 1997 to 1998, he worked for Jhpiego, where he helped form a team that developed e-learning.  He left the university in 1998 to co-found an e-learning development company called LearnWare.

He spends his free time fiddling with electronics, drinking wine, wearing white trousers, and listening to opera.  He has too many annoying habits to mention, but his favorite is developing new ways to pronounce the word “beer.”

Sharon Busching
Sharon started at JHU as temporary employee in 1990. Her job was to provide administrative support for one space shuttle mission. In 2007, after supporting three space shuttle missions, she took a promotion to management at the School of Medicine. She thinks sponsored projects at Hopkins represent some of the best and brightest of humanity uniting to ponder universal problems. She is honored to play a role in providing administrative assistance to these projects. In January 2014, Sharon joined the Learning Solutions Group to be able to share what she knows with her co-workers.

Sharon is a recovering workaholic. Most weekends will find her digging in her yard, dreaming up craft projects, or searching for her reading glasses so she can finish up the latest find from the BookThing.   For twenty years, she has opened her house to provide short-term, furnished housing options for JHU/JHMI visitors; she enjoys meeting the talented people from all over the world who come to study and work at JH.  “Just call me a modern-day Miss Susie Slagle – with one major exception, I don’t cook.”

Tina Cole
Tina is a learning strategist and interim Director for the Learning Solutions team which is part of Talent Management Organization Development at Johns Hopkins University. Tina has been with the university for twenty nine years and within the training organization for twenty two years. Her experience in financial administration allows her to have great insight to business process at JHU. Tina is an instructor for the Financial Administrative Training program.

For fun, Tina enjoys lounging at the pool with her family and friends.  Scrapbooking is her hobby.  Tina’s favorite wine is a buttery, oaky Chardonnay.   Hot steamed crabs and cold beer are always a treat in her eyes.

Carolyn Cook
Carolyn has been with The Johns Hopkins University since 1993 and is the Leadership Development Program Coordinator.  In this role, she coordinates the daily functions of the JHU and JHM Leadership Development Program, SoM Women’s Leadership Program, and the SoM Junior Faculty Leadership Program.

She is married to her 8th grade sweetheart and they have a very active son.  Her favorite sport is baseball (she loves the Orioles); she travels to a different ballpark every year to see them play.  She has recently started to ‘extreme coupon’ and has cut her grocery bills in half – it’s the challenge of finding great (free) deals.  On the weekends, you will find her watching the HGTV channel, because when she grows up she wants to ‘buy and flip’ houses.

Lisa Finnen
Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, the great outdoors, and traveling.  She attributes working at Johns Hopkins over the past 32 years to allow her to do the things she enjoys.  Lisa started her career here during her last year in high school and appreciates the opportunity to work with such a talented and great group of people. Her journey here has taken her from a computer operator to a security systems administrator to manager of the administrative computing help desk-billing-security to an administrative training specialist and currently landing at a senior learning systems administrator.

Sasha Grutzeck
Sasha is a Senior Instructional Designer at Johns Hopkins University. She’s a member of the Learning Solutions department, where she writes and designs e-courses (and other training materials) for Johns Hopkins University faculty and staff. She enjoys learning new things, collaborating with her coworkers, watching movies, taking ridiculously long walks, and eating the leftover baked goods that always seem to miraculously appear in the Learning Solutions kitchen.

Kenya Hearn
As an Information Technology Training Program Coordinator in the Learning Solutions department at Johns Hopkins University, Kenya is responsible for coordinating IT training for faculty and staff.  She also serves as program chair for the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).  Kenya enjoys counting ‘ahs’ and ‘ums,’ in the newly chartered Johns Hopkins at Eastern Toastmasters club, traveling with her family, singing an array of songs just for Kathie’s listening satisfaction.  With one life and so…many things to experience and learn, Kenya is a woman always on the grow with her toolbox in tow!

Ann Hummel
Ann has been a member of the Learning Solutions team at Johns Hopkins University for six years. Her role as an instructional designer allows her the opportunity to work on a wide scope of projects. She can also be found in the classroom facilitating an SAP course or our favorite course, Accounting Comes Alive.  Ann’s interests include (in no particular order) traveling, list making, things that shimmer/sparkle, and stinky cheeses.

Linnea Johnson
Linnea Johnson is a Program Coordinator in the office of Talent Management & Organization Development. She has been employed at Johns Hopkins University since 2001. She is also pursuing Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She helped to establish and presently serves as the President of the Johns Hopkins at Eastern Toastmasters club. She recently earned the Toastmasters Competent Leader award. Linnea enjoys sleeping late, leisurely brunches, lively board game parties and fluffy dogs.

Annette Kamau
Annette has been a training specialist at Learning Solutions since 2007. As an instructor (with a funny accent) for SAP Finance courses and Accounting Comes Alive, she gets the opportunity to interact with employees across the university on a regular basis. She claims to truly enjoy the diverse characters she gets to engage with. As a mother of an 11 year old boy, Annette doesn’t get to enjoy many of her own interests and vows to get back to enjoying her life more once she kicks him off to college. Her interests include hiking, reading, exercising and hugging all types of trees.

Jeb King
Jeb is responsible for the assessment, design, delivery, and evaluation of leadership development at JHU. In this role, he manages JHU’s Leadership Development Program and facilitates courses on a variety of leadership topics. Jeb has been partnered with local attorney Ed Jeunette for 25 years, many of them happily.  They share their Mount Washington home with two scheming terriers, a suave alley cat, and hundreds of amorous toads who gather each summer in Jeb and Ed’s pond for what can only be called an amphibian mating jubilee.

Debbie Long
Debbie is the Sr. Training Operations Administrator for Learning Solutions and has been employed by the university for over 33 years.  Being part of this creative and talented team is very rewarding.  When not in work mode, she loves spending time with my family and going to their property in West Virginia.

Bonita Mannings
Bonita is a Talent Management Consultant at Johns Hopkins University.  In this role she creates human capital processes that help the organization operate more efficiently.    Bonita’s interest in the practical application of psychological concepts in the world of work was spawned as a child.  As a child of an armed service member, she become privy to the importance of organizational structure , as well as the importance of people or human capital in executing the mission of the organization.  In her spare time, Bonita likes to spend time with family and friends.

Denise McCarty
For over 7 years, Denise has been a team member of Learning Solutions. She has 19 years of collective service at Johns Hopkins University. Her role as an Administrative Coordinator allows her to provide learning opportunities for employees at the university and this has inspired her to take the challenge of facilitating a full day course for faculty and staff. The joys of Denise’s life include her husband Barry, two sons, three grandsons and three furry children.

Joe McSharry
Joe is an instructional developer. What does this mean? Basically doing anything it takes to make our e-learning programs function properly, look great, and engage our learners. This includes graphics, photography, video, audio, user experience design, and Flash scripting to name a few. He enjoys this.

In past lives, Joe has been an Army Reservist, mainframe computer technician, aquarist, herpetologist, professional photographer, bog turtle researcher, graphic designer, and Flash programmer. At the age of 17 he replaced the 2-speed automatic transmission in his Vega with a 4-speed manual transmission he picked up at a junk yard. He did this in a day. He likes tinkering. He spends his spare time at the Natural History Society of Maryland working towards the establishment of a natural history museum in the state of Maryland.

Each year Joe looks forward to the spring when he engages in the voyeuristic stalking of amphibians that come to mate in vernal pools at night. People who drive by think he’s weird. He is.

Mach Meas
Mach has been a member of the Learning Solutions team at Johns Hopkins University for six years. Her role as a FastFacts administrator allows her to work with faculty/staff across the university. Mach graduated from Bloomsburg University with a bachelor in communication and a masters in instructional technology. Mach is continuing her education here at Johns Hopkins University School of Education in the fall of 2014.

Mach loves oversized bags and watches, tropical locations, her nieces and nephews, and loves to hate working out and eating well.

Anne-Marie Race
Anne-Marie is a Senior Instructional Technologist, which combines her skills as a multimedia artist and print designer.  With a degree in Communication Art and Design, she has a background in editorial and advertising print design; web site, kiosk, and user interface design; animation for computer games; and illustration. Her e-training development skills have served from the primary school level to university faculty and staff, as well as pharmaceutical training.

Her hobbies include drawing, writing, and talking to animals. Anne-Marie is the humble servant to two very pretentious cats, an avid thrift shopper, and spelunker of the Internet.

Kathie Ruth
As a Financial Administrative Training Coordinator in the Learning Solutions department at Johns Hopkins University, Kathie spends her time coordinating the SAP, Coeus and Accounting Comes Alive courses and writing the occasional blog article. Kathie enjoys interacting with other staff members, putting out fires, hanging out with her family and finding truly amazing bargains when shopping.

Joe Shipe
Joe is an instructional programmer, which basically means he is the “computer guy” of the team.  You’ll probably see him posting tech stuff from time to time.  Outside of work he still like to mess with computers, but also likes outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, and studying Japanese.