Some people are just naturally confident. They feel proud of the work they do and the things they accomplish on the job.

Other people have a harder time believing in themselves. They might do excellent work, but they still have doubts about their skills and competencies. If you fall into this second category, here are six ways that you can banish your concerns and boost your confidence:

  1. Tell people when you’ll get a task done and then meet that deadline. You’ll feel good about what you accomplished, and this will help to increase your feelings of confidence. And it will make other people respect your skills and abilities.
  2. Speak up. During meetings, you don’t have to talk constantly or dominate conversations. But when you feel like you have something valuable to say, say it! The more practice you get in this area, the more comfortable you’ll be speaking in front of your bosses and coworkers – and the more confident you’ll feel.
  3. Learn how to deal with criticism. We all get criticized occasionally, and it can be hard to take. But criticism really can be beneficial. You just need to stay calm, not get defensive, listen to what’s being said, and gather more information if necessary. If you determine that your manager’s criticism is valid, try to change your behavior. And most of all – don’t let it shake your confidence. Don’t obsess over what was said. Instead, try to focus on all the strengths and skills that you have to offer.
  4. Get some additional training. If you feel like your knowledge is lacking in certain areas, seek out additional training. As you learn more, your confidence (and competence) will grow!
  5. Smile and be peppy. Confident people actually do smile more often than those who lack confidence. And they walk in a peppy manner. So if you can do those things, you’ll look more confident, other people will think you’re confident, and this, in turn, will help to make you feel more confident!
  6. Spend time with encouraging friends and/or coworkers. Nothing builds up your confidence more than being around people who support you, remind you of your strengths, console you (when necessary), and encourage you.


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