There used to be a saying among sales people that your power was indicated by the quality of your Rolodex.

Well, of course, most of us don’t use these devices any more, but we rely on electronic methods to keep track of who we talk to and work with.

Microsoft Office has a very handy feature that enables you to list these people. But many of us don’t use this enough.

I find it really useful to add someone to my address book every time I receive an email. I simply right click on the person’s name or address, located at the top of the email. This pops up a menu. I choose “Add to Outlook Contacts.” The person is then added to my address book. And, if the person is on the Hopkins Exchange network, all other relevant information is saved as well, including position, title, organization, address, and telephone numbers.

This is a really handy way to make sure that contact information is readily available for everyone you do business with. And once it’s a habit, it barely takes any time at all.