Your mouse might get lonely!

I am a big fan of Excel 2013! I spend much of my time there and love learning new shortcuts. I recently found a website offering 10 Quick Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts and I thought I’d share a few with you.

  1. Automatically sum using ALT= 
    Quickly sum the data in the entire column by using this in the first empty cell.
  2. Quickly tab between worksheets using Ctrl, Page Up or Ctrl, Page down
    There’s no need to use the mouse to move to the next worksheet.
  3. Working with lots of data? Move to the beginning or end of a column quickly using Ctrl ↑   or Ctrl ↓ Scrolling can take forever when working with lots of rows of data. This little shortcut is a big time saver!

Many thanks to John Gagnon for putting this together in Search Engine Watch, December 2013. I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

Learning Solutions would like to thank System Source for creating this blog article.