URL is the abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator — otherwise known as a website address. Short URLs became popular when services such as Twitter gained momentum. It was impossible to stay within the allotted number of characters when you wanted to include the URL to a website. The only problem with short URLs are that you never know where the link will really take you. It could be to the website you expected, or it could be to a website that is full of viruses.

In today’s world, I never click on a short URL, even if it’s from someone I know. It’s just too risky. So what should you do instead? I found this great website (http://www.URLreveal.com) where you can enter in a short URL and it will show you the real URL behind it. If the real URL is not to the website you were expecting or to a random, unknown website, don’t go there. If you received the short URL from someone you know, ask the person for the full URL instead.

Bookmark this! Use it! Think of it as your online URL protection.