Will the world be overrun by machines with superhuman intelligence? With the overwhelming advance in technology and our reliance on devices, are we slowly giving away the reign of humanity?

I want to view the future in a positive light, so I like new, advanced technology. Using this technology, we could create so many new ways to enhance and prolong human life. 

I don’t have the best outlook for us now, but I think new research advances will allow this current generation to be the bridge between the modern and new world. We’re right there in the middle, bringing our world into the vast unknown that is full of possibilities we can’t even imagine yet.

But is technology really that great? Even I have my doubts about human reliance on personal devices. What is the limit? How much is too much?

It’s not something that looms over most people’s minds on a daily basis, but it really is something that should be considered. We use technology to do so many of our daily activities.

You don’t have to go to the grocery store anymore because you can shop online and have it delivered. You can communicate with your best friend using a phone call even though your friend might live only a couple blocks away. So many of our important documents are kept inside a little flash drive of storage.

Even the technology we use is being constructed using even more new advancements, such as 3D printing and autonomous robots. The possibilities are endless!

But where does it stop? Or, better yet, when does it stop?

Sam Harris shares his thoughts on AI and humanity’s control of the situation. Harris discusses the problems we choose to put off (perhaps until it’s too late), the possibility of advancing too far, and superhuman machines.

Watch his TED talk here. What are your thoughts on this situation? Should we really ignore these issues? Should we try to prevent them? Should we try to integrate ourselves and our minds into the technology that is soon to be developed?