“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

Wednesday May 28th, 2014 — I will forget what I did, I have already forgotten what I said, but I will never forget how I felt. On this day, not just America, but the world lost a beautiful, eloquent, and graceful soul. Not only was she an inspiration to many, but also to me personally. I loved her fierce grace, her divine inner beauty, and her words of wisdom that energized every cell in my being.

I remember watching Oprah’s life class recently and listening to this amazing woman speak about life and how to live gracefully. On that day too, I’ve forgotten what I did, I’ve forgotten what I said, but I’ll never forget how she made me feel as her words energized me. The one thing that stood out prominently in that interview was the best advice she had given to her son. This lesson was not only for me but what I needed to pass on to my son. The advice was to guard that sacred, divine space within you fiercely — a place that must be kept clean and pristine and that nobody can touch.

A legendary poet, author, director, actress, civil right activist, and phenomenal woman, she touched so many lives with her grace and beauty. Words elude me as I stand in awe in the shadow of her divine beauty. I can only recite her beautiful quote above and live by her amazing example of a “Phenomenal Woman.”