“Accounting Comes Alive” is a very popular one-day course that will empower you by strengthening your understanding of accounting and financial analysis. The information that you learn in this course will help you do your work, make informed decisions, and understand the effects of financial transactions on the enterprise.

Although at first this seems like an accounting course, ultimately, it’s about business. The idea behind the course is not to teach you how to become an accountant, but rather to understand our business better. You will learn how the non-profit world of Johns Hopkins differs from the for-profit world, and you will also learn about the similarities. 

We start by developing an accounting framework to build accounting literacy. We then manipulate objects to represent transactions to give you a profound understanding of the effect of transactions on the whole enterprise. Finally, we engage in conversations that will build your business acumen.

Presented as a series of conversations, the course explains how accounting is about organizing information to make it useful. You will learn a metaphor that uses color to explain how accounting tracks the flow of funds in an organization.

This is not a hands-on course designed to teach you to use SAP or Business Warehouse. 

To view or register for an upcoming session, go to: http://lms14.learnshare.com/l.aspx?Z=z8i1IZSGIIDPnoFGYm%2bv4NnFzSkJWC6fGlguiNV7te4%3d&CID=89