Need to speak in public? Here are some tips to help you prepare.

Does clothing make the speaker?

Yes, it really does. While wearing a suit or a dress makes you look professional, sometimes your attire can put you in the wrong frame of mind. For example, if your speech is about something humorous, it might not seem so funny if you’re all dressed up. Think about what you are going to be presenting and dress the part.

Vocal variety and gestures

Vocal variety and gestures can add entertainment to your speech. To get people in the back rows to notice you, you should use exaggerated and animated gestures. Your facial expressions and gestures should stand out. Warm up your vocal cords by completing quick voice exercises. The exercises will help relax your voice, control your breathing, and assist you in projecting your voice. You can find voice exercises at


Practice your presentation and record it. Watch the recording and analyze your voice volume and speed. Pay attention to your body language, gestures, and facial expressions. Do your facial expressions and body language match your message? Make any alterations you feel are necessary to help you deliver a confident and outstanding presentation.