I don’t want to be one of those nitpicky people who point out little grammar mistakes. Those people frighten me! Because honestly, I know I’m not perfect. I probably make all sorts of grammar mistakes without even realizing it.

But there’s one mistake that kind of amazes me because it’s so common – and even more surprising, I recently saw it in a movie trailer! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grammar mistake in a trailer before!

The trailer was for a horror movie called “Green Inferno.” I guess the trailer is a little disturbing (what with the horror and all), so instead of linking to it, I’ll just present a screen shot…


The issue is with the word “everyday.” Everyday (one word) has a different meaning than “every day” (two words).

  • Everyday – Ordinary, commonplace. For example, “Commuting to work is an everyday event.”
  • Every day – Means the same thing as “each day.” For example, “I eat pasta every day.”

If you’re ever in doubt, try using the words “each day” in your sentence. If it makes sense, use “every day” (two words). If it doesn’t make sense, use “everyday” (one word).

  • “I begin each day with a brisk walk.” That makes sense. So you would use “every day.”
  • “This is my each day silverware.” That makes no sense at all. So you would use “everyday.”

So in the Green Inferno trailer, they should have written, “Every day over 80,000 acres of rainforest are destroyed.” I’m sure that trailers cost a lot to make, but I think they should have spent a little bit more on an editor.