At the end of each week, I like to reflect a little. I think about what went well and what went wrong. Sometimes I begin to blame myself and reflect on all the things I could have done better. This sometimes puts me in a downward spiral. Sometimes it isn’t about me. Sadly, in every workplace, there are people who simply take your energy away. They leave you feeling unsatisfied, worried, and discouraged. They take away all your enthusiasm.

This week, an otherwise great week, was not quite as good as it could have been because of one person whose only accomplishment for the whole week was to deplete my energy (and probably that of several others) for a whole day. He sulked, pouted, used ugly body language, and generally did all the things that good kindergarten teachers tell children not to do!

You can make things better, though, by always striving to bring energy into the room. Your sunny disposition and optimism will be infectious. Shawn Hunter talks being energizers or energy vampires. He suggests that the best way to be effective is to be an energizer.

In this interesting and provocative article, he suggests five ways that you can be a consistent energizer. Take a look at his article and try to follow his tips. You’ll find that you will be more energized yourself, and the people who work with you will feel your energy. Energy and enthusiasm are infectious! (And misery loves company!)