2020 is drawing to a close. And I think it’s safe to say that this has been a very challenging year. 

But even in the worst of times, there are silver linings. Here is a list of a few of the positive things that happened in 2020:

  • Board games have become cool – I’ve always loved board games. They’re the best! So I’m really happy about this development.
  • Drive-in movie theaters are back and doing big business – I remember going to drive-in theaters with my parents when I was a little kid. I think it’s kind of amazing and wonderful that they’re having a comeback.
  • Essential workers (including healthcare workers, teachers, grocery store employees, etc.) are finally getting the appreciation they deserve – It’s about time.
  • The animal shelters have been emptying out as people adopt dogs and cats in record numbers – According to Time magazine, the number of pet adoptions have skyrocketed in 2020. I personally know several people who have recently adopted a cat, and they are all very happy with their new arrangement! 
  • There’s less traffic and less pollution – I don’t usually drive anywhere these days. But when I do drive somewhere, the roads are fairly empty and it’s usually pretty stress-free.
  • Restaurants have created cool, new outdoor eating areas – To be honest, I haven’t tried eating in any of them yet. But I’m looking forward to doing so in the future!
  • And finally, people have really gotten to know their neighbors and their neighborhood – I feel a new sense of camaraderie with my neighbors. And I found an amazing wooded trail just a few blocks from my house (in the middle of the city) that I never knew existed. It’s been nice to have the opportunity to explore my own surroundings!

If you have other things to add, please do so in the Comments section below. And I hope you have a safe, secure, somewhat happier new year!

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