OK, so we’ve all heard it before. “I’m too busy. I have meetings, multiple projects, kids, and/or a thousand other things to do but just not enough time to do it all.” Well, I’m currently working full-time and I’m also a part-time graduate student. I find that there are just too many deadlines for me to stay on top of it all without exhausting myself. So how do I manage things? How can I meet both my deadlines for work and school — and also make it home on time to cook dinner and workout?

According to an article by Eric Barker, “Barking up the wrong tree,” there are five steps you can take to manage your crazy, hectic schedule and still come out alive and healthy:

  1. To-do lists are evil. Schedule everything.
  2. Assume you’re going home at 5:30, and then plan your day backwards.
  3. Make a plan for the entire week.
  4. Do very few things, but be awesome at them.
  5. Do less shallow work—focus on the deep stuff.

Now prioritize and commit yourself to tackling those tasks!