I’ve made some really great friends at work, and I love spending time with them. We laugh… we cry… we talk about what we watched on TV last night. OK, maybe we don’t actually cry all that often. But it does happen occasionally, and we’re always there to support each other. I feel really lucky to have my work friends. They make me feel good about my job and happy to go to work in the morning.

And I guess I’m not alone in these feelings! According to a recent study by Globoforce (an HR solutions firm), people who have work friends feel much more positive about their employers than those who don’t have friends. They found that:

  • 64% of people with work friends said that they loved the companies they worked for. Only 24% of people without friends felt the love.
  • 48% of people with work friends felt highly engaged in their work, while only 28% of people without work friends felt that way.
  • 89% of people with work friends said that these friends had improved the quality of their lives.

People with work friends were also more likely to trust their leaders and feel proud of the work that they do. Work is just better when friends are involved.

So if you’re feeling a little unhappy at work, try strengthening your relationships with your coworkers! Friendships are an essential part of the work experience.


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