I don’t work from home, but it does seem like it could be a wonderful thing. If you work from home, you never need to change out of your pajamas! How great is that?

But like most things in life, working from home involves both pros and cons. It’s good to consider both before changing your work situation.


  • No commute – There’s no need to worry about car trouble, traffic jams, or bad weather.
  • Increased flexibility – Sure, you’ve got to put your hours in. But you can also be there to meet with the plumber who’s coming to fix your sink. You can even throw in a load of laundry!
  • Increased productivity – This actually depends on your personality and preferred work style. Some people find the peace and quiet of their home to be very beneficial in getting things done. It energizes them and helps them to focus.


  • Isolation – If you’re home alone all day, it can sometimes make you feel very isolated. You might miss interacting with clients and coworkers. And because you’re not in the office every day, you could be overlooked when it comes to new projects and promotions.
  • Distractions – We don’t all live in a quiet oasis! Some people have a lot of distractions at home – including family members, housemates, or demanding pets who are around during the day. And it can sometimes be difficult to focus when the television, Xbox, and refrigerator are so close-by.
  • Decreased productivity – Once again, this depends on your personality and preferred work style. But if you get energized by being around other people, and feel more creative when sharing ideas with your coworkers, then you might be less productive when you’re home alone.

So before talking to your boss about the possibility of telecommuting, consider both the negatives and positives. Research indicates that people working from home often feel happier than those in the office and are less likely to quit. But they’re also less likely to be promoted, and more likely to suffer from feelings of loneliness.


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