Creativity in the workplace is a wonderful thing! It helps people to solve difficult problems, develop new and better ways of doing things, and design innovative products. So how can a business promote creativity? Here are four ways:

  1. Encourage employees to express their individuality – Let employees be themselves. Allow them to express their unique ideas and personal opinions. Don’t punish them for deviating from the norm. Instead, let them know that their thoughts are valued and respected.
  2. Use the “yes, and” technique – When an employee expresses an idea, try not to respond with negative feedback like “no” or “no, but.” That type of response shuts people down and doesn’t allow them to build on their ideas. Instead, try saying “yes, and.” This will stimulate further conversation and innovation.
  3. Go out and socialize – When coworkers go out and spend time socializing together, it not only makes the team stronger – it also stimulates creativity! Research has shown that people need to relax (and sometimes even require a change of scenery) in order for creative inspiration to strike.
  4. Diversify – Build teams that include a diverse group of people who have different backgrounds and experiences. Diverse teams tend to be creative and effective because they’re able to tackle problems from different angles, generate unique ideas, and examine issues from a variety of perspectives.


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