It’s great to have engaged employees. Engaged employees are happy, enthusiastic about their work, and highly productive. But how can you help your employees to feel more engaged at work? Well according to Emma Seppälä, Associate Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, managers need to provide their employees with three things:

  1. Inspiration – When people feel like they’re contributing to something important, their engagement levels increase substantially. They gain a sense of purpose, which leads them to be more creative, focused, and committed. It’s also important for managers to demonstrate that they care more about the wellbeing of their group than they do about their own self-interests. This is inspiring to employees, and can encourage them to be more cooperative, dedicated, and loyal to their team.
  2. Kindness – Try to create a work environment that’s kind, respectful, and considerate. One way to do that is to regularly ask your employees how they’re doing, and then really listen when they answer. Research has shown that a kind, caring environment can make employees more productive and dedicated. It can also make managers more effective.
  3. The encouragement to take care of themselves – Managers should encourage their employees (and give them the time) to exercise, take breaks, and take time off from work. On evenings and weekends, employees shouldn’t be expected to be “on call” or answer work emails. Employees who are calm and rested are happier and have a greater sense of well-being. And because they’re well-rested, they’re able to make better decisions and be more productive at work.


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