I have a lot of plants in my office. They just keep multiplying – so much so that I’ve run out of counter space to put them on. Several of them just sit in a row on the floor. I must admit that it’s not the best look. But I feel OK about it, because I’ve recently learned that my ever-expanding plant family is more than just unattractive office decor. They’re a mood enhancer!

Recent research has shown that when employees have direct or indirect exposure to sunlight, and when they have contact with nature, they feel happier, more relaxed, more satisfied with their work, and more engaged. The strongest link to increased happiness was associated with sunlight exposure. But even a potted plant was enough to increase employees’ feelings of well-being.

So if you can, bring a little nature into your workspace. It could help to reduce your stress, and make you feel happier and more engaged in your work!


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