I’m not a manager. So that means I’ve got no one to boss around at the office. But just today I discovered that it doesn’t really matter how much actual power you wield. By simply using body language, you can appear to be powerful. And hey, that’s better than nothing, right?

Just try these three techniques:

  1. Stand up straight – Good posture will make you appear more confident and can actually improve your mood.
  2. Lean with gusto – At your next meeting, try leaning back. It will make you appear to be relaxed and in control.
  3. Steeple your fingers – I think this last suggestion is the best because it kind of reminds me a James Bond villain. Apparently, pressing your fingertips together makes you look both thoughtful and formidable. (If it can work for criminal masterminds, it can work for you.)

Now go out there and intimidate people!


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