Feeling stressed? Here’s an easy fix! Listed below are a few relaxation exercises that you can do right now, without even getting up from your desk.

  • If you have one minute to spare: Put your hand on your stomach so you can feel the rise and fall of your breathing. Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for three seconds. Then breathe out and hold for three seconds. Repeat this process for one minute. OR, if that’s too structured for you, simply breathe slowly and deeply several times while repeating a calming mantra. (The article that I read suggested that you use “I am… at peace,” but I think you could probably go with whatever works for you.) Then relax completely into your chair.
  • If you have two minutes to spare: Count down from ten to zero while breathing deeply. Start by breathing in deeply and saying “ten.” Then breathe out slowly. Then breathe in deeply again and say “nine.” Breathe out slowly. Repeat this process until you get to zero. If you start to feel faint, take it a little more slowly. And if you’re still feeling anxious by the time you get to zero, try doing the countdown again.
  • If you have three minutes to spare: Relax your muscles, starting with your head and ending with your feet. Relax your facial muscles. Let your jaw go slack just a bit. Relax your shoulders. Let your arms drop to your sides. Relax your hands and fingers. Uncross your legs. Imagine that your body is sinking into your chair and your feet are heavy on the floor. Breathe slowly and deeply.

I don’t know about you, but just writing this article has made me feel more relaxed. I hope you find it similarly helpful!


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