It’s the middle of summer and you have a bit of time for yourself. However, it looks like you won’t have that break after all. Summer means no school, and no school means the kids are home. There they are running around and– oh gosh, there goes your mother’s favorite vase.

But don’t let those kids stop you from having your fun! Here are some relaxation techniques you can do, even with the extra presence of a few little rascals. And if you don’t have any kids, that’s fine! Take some time to try these activities on your own or with a few friends.

Step outside and get some fresh air. Studies show that fresh air can reduce stress significantly and increase productivity. Let your kids run around and burn off some energy while you sit back and relax with a new book.

It’s time to blow off steam. Scream your heart out on roller coasters, overcome your fears, and burn a few calories while you’re at it. Waiting in line is worth it if it boosts your mood or gives you some extra bonding moments.

All that beneficial fresh air (and finally putting down your phone for a couple of days) will allow you to relax and socialize with others, and you’ll get some extra hours of sleep in. Plus, it will appeal to your sense of adventure.

Just like you, kids get stressed as well. Take some time to stretch and embrace your tranquility with your little ones. Studies show that meditation with your kids will improve test scores and good habits, teaching kids to be more compassionate.

Ever hear of baking therapy? It might be messy, but it’s a good way to take your mind off things for a while. Small projects increase relaxation and happiness, and having a creative outlook will improve your sense of well-being and control over your life.