There’s been a lot of research done on millennials in the workplace – how they function, how they prefer to interact with others, etc. But now there’s a new group of employees who are just beginning to enter the workplace. They’ve been dubbed “Generation Z.”

Generation Z consists of anyone who was born between 1995 and 2010. They make up 25.9% of the United States population. And apparently, they’re quite different from their millennial predecessors.

According to marketing strategist Deep Patel, Generation Z demonstrates the following qualities:

  • They want security – They’ve seen their parents struggle through a recession. So these employees yearn for the security of a steady job and a good paycheck. They’re more practical and less idealistic than their millennial coworkers.
  • They’re competitive – They’re willing to work on team projects. But they would prefer to work independently and have the opportunity to set themselves apart from their coworkers. They want to highlight their own skills and achievements.
  • They want to talk face-to-face – It’s been suggested that millennials like to communicate through instant messages and emails. But a recent survey indicates that Generation Z prefers a more personal approach. 53% of Generation Z respondents said that they preferred face-to-face conversations.
  • They’re great at multitasking (but they might lack focus) – Generation Z gets their work done. But they do it while reading their personal emails or sending a quick text. Millennials have been criticized in the past for being in love with their smartphones. But according to Patel, Generation Z takes it to a whole new level.

Now keep in mind that these are stereotypes. Although people in different generations can share certain qualities and beliefs, they’re also shaped by a variety of factors – not just the time period in which they grew up. So it’s unlikely that everyone in the Generation Z age bracket will display these qualities.

Still, it is fun to speculate about what our future coworkers will be like. If you have a Generation Z coworker or you’re a member of Generation Z, please feel free to share your insight in the Comments section below!


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