Unless you work remotely, you probably spend a big portion of your life in the office, surrounded by your coworkers. They’re kind of like your work family. So naturally, it’s beneficial to have a good relationship with them. Life is a lot easier and more enjoyable if you all get along!

Having office friendships makes collaboration easier. It helps people to be more effective and productive. And, of course, it makes the office a happier and more harmonious place to be.

But what if you aren’t close to your coworkers? What if you haven’t managed to connect with them yet, or form any friendships? Author Kat Boogaard suggests that you try the following techniques:

  • Be helpful – If you can see that a coworker is stressed out and swamped with work, and you have some free time available, offer to help. Your offer will be greatly appreciated, whether your coworker takes you up on it or not.
  • Make small talk – Take the time to say “good morning” to your coworkers, and chat for a minute or two about what’s going on in their lives. Don’t linger too long and don’t get too personal. Just be friendly and make an effort to learn about their interests outside the office. Try to remember the things they tell you, and then ask about those things later. (For instance, if a coworker tells you that his cat has a cold, you could ask him about his cat the next day. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated!)
  • Be complimentary – If your coworkers do a good job on a certain task, tell them so. Let them know that you think they did amazing work. They’ll feel good that you noticed their efforts and took the time to let them know.
  • Do nice things – Do you have leftover cookies at home? Bring them in to the office for everyone to enjoy. Does someone in your office have a headache? Offer that person some of the medicine you keep in your desk. Are there not enough chairs around the meeting table? Go get one from a nearby office so that your coworker isn’t forced to stand. These small, generous acts will earn you the goodwill of your coworkers, and may also make you feel good about yourself!


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