A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the many things that cats can teach us. By following their furry lead, you can be both happier and more successful at work.

Now I think it’s time to turn our attention to dogs. Dogs are the best! They’re loving, loyal bundles of joy. My parents’ dog, Max, is such a sweetie. He’s noisy and kind of high-maintenance, but he has such a good heart. And even though he’s not as wise or crafty as a cat, I think Max still has much to teach us about how to be a happy, productive employee.

Here’s what you can learn from your dog…

  1. Be a team player – Dogs are pack animals. They love to be around the people and animals that they care about. They’re social, they look out for their pack, and they work together to get things done. You should try to do the same when you’re at the office! It’s great if you have the ability to work independently. But it’s also important to be able to work with your fellow employees, when necessary. Try to listen to what they have to say, be open to their ideas, and help them when they need it.
  2. Don’t hold grudges – Dogs don’t hold grudges. They might occasionally feel hurt or angry, but it doesn’t tend to last. They have a wonderfully forgiving nature and they’re really resilient. Try to follow their lead. If someone upsets you at work, you can talk to that person about it if you feel like it’s necessary. But after that, try to let it go. If you hold a grudge, you’ll use up a lot of energy and probably end up upsetting yourself more than the other person.
  3. Stay focused on the present – Dogs really live in the present. They’re completely focused on whatever is happening at the moment, and they get so much joy from everyday things. I think this seems like a good way to approach work. Try not to worry too much about what’s happened in the past or the events that are coming up in the future. Focus on the present and the tasks that you need to finish today. And take time to enjoy the fun things that might be happening around you. You don’t want to miss out on the good stuff!
  4. Be dependable – Dogs are there for you. And you should be there for your coworkers! Be dependable at work. Your manager and teammates will really appreciate it.


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