Are you feeling tired at work? Have you tried drinking some coffee? And that didn’t help? Really? Well, OK then. I guess it’s time for you to try a different approach to waking up. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Go outside for 15 minutes – The natural light and fresh air should help to make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.
  2. Stand up and move around – Get up from your desk and get a little exercise. You could stretch, touch your toes, or do a few jumping jacks. But I think it would be more fun to put on some music and do some dancing. It’s not possible to feel tired when you’re getting your groove on! Also, I’m sure your coworkers would find it entertaining.
  3. Chill out – Splash cold water on your face. Or drink some really cold water. Or suck on an ice cube. Or take off a layer of clothing. The cold should help to revive you.
  4. Eat something – Chewing food can actually wake you up. So go get yourself a snack and enjoy! (Not to be a buzzkill, but a sugary snack would probably not be the best choice. Some sort of fruit or something with protein in it would be better.)
  5. Laugh – Laughing releases endorphins, which can help to pep you up. I’m not really sure what you find funny – but whatever it is, do that.
  6. Be afraid – If laughing isn’t your thing, try scaring yourself instead. Maybe you could watch a scary horror movie trailer? When you get scared, your body releases adrenalin into your system, and this wakes you up!

Good luck! And if you decide to dance around your office while sucking on an ice cube, please leave a comment and let me know how that works out for you!


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