Generation Z is considered to be anyone who was born in 1996 or later. So the oldest member of that group is 22 years old now, and just entering the workforce. You might find yourself working with a member of Generation Z sometime soon, so it’s good to stay up-to-date on the slang words that they’re currently using!

Also, it’s fun to learn new, weird terms, don’t you think? I personally love learning new slang words. And I also love using them in conversation, which probably makes the people around me cringe in horror and embarrassment. But hey, that’s OK! If I can make someone laugh (even if it’s at me), then it’s all worth it.

So if you’d like to communicate better with your young colleagues, or you just enjoy learning new slang words, this article is for you. Here is a list of slang words that are currently in style:

  • Lit – A situation or thing that’s cool or exciting. (You wouldn’t use this term to describe a cool person.)
    Example: “This office party is lit!”
  • Chill – Another way to say that something is cool.
    Example: “My new stapler is chill!”
  • Dope – Yet another way to say that something is cool.
    Example: “This free food is dope!”
  • Salty – A way to say that you feel angry or bitter.
    Example: “I’m salty because Marsha wouldn’t stop talking during the meeting.”
  • Looking snatched – A way to describe something that looks perfect.
    Example: “Your hair is looking snatched!”
  • Extra – When someone is trying too hard or being overly dramatic.
    Example: “Bob’s handouts are always in color. He’s so extra.”
  • Slay – A person or thing that’s really great.
    Example: “Thank you for meeting with that client! You slay!”
  • GOAT – An acronym for “greatest of all time.”
    Example: “My mom is the GOAT!”
  • Yeet – Something that you would yell when throwing something or a way to say “yes” with great enthusiasm.
    Example: “I just finished writing that report! Yeet!”

Be warned that slang words go in and out of style really quickly. So some of the items on this list might be viewed as outdated in the very near future. But until then, try to be chill and dope (and avoid being extra), and you’ll slay. Yeet!


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