Have you ever been faced with an angry customer or client? No matter what, it’s probably going to be tense and stressful. But you can make the situation less upsetting if you’re prepared. You need to know how to handle angry clients, mitigate their anger, and resolve the situation (if possible).

Follow these steps:

  1. Stay calm. Even if your clients are angry or yelling, don’t respond in kind. Take a deep breath, control your emotions, and keep a pleasant look on your face.
  2. Don’t take it personally. It’s hard not to get upset when clients are yelling at you and possibly criticizing something that you’ve worked hard on. But try to remember that even though you’re doing quality work, people often have different opinions about how things should be done. It’s not a reflection on you or your skills.
  3. Listen. When people are angry, they need to vent. They need to express why they’re angry and feel like they’re being heard. So listen to what your clients are saying. Don’t interrupt, cross your arms, or look impatient. Make eye contact, nod as your clients are speaking, and give them the opportunity to fully explain why they’re angry.
  4. Be sympathetic and apologize. After your clients have had the chance to express their feelings, show some sympathy. Tell them that you can understand why they’re unhappy. And then, even if it’s not your fault, apologize. Tell your clients that you’re sorry that they experienced this situation.
  5. Figure out a solution. Focus on what will make your clients happy and what you can do to make them pleased and satisfied. Ask your clients to be specific about what they think should be done. Remember to stay calm and positive. You might not be able to resolve the situation right away, but tell your clients that you’re going to make an effort to make things better.
  6. Take a break. After dealing with angry clients, you’ll probably feel physically and emotionally drained. So talk to a friendly coworker, take a short walk, or make yourself a cup of tea. Allow yourself a few minutes to relax and regroup.


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