Spring is almost here! Yes! The first day of the season is this Wednesday, March 20th.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best seasons of the year. The weather is mild, the sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and the days feel longer. Perfect.

My sister actually gets a week off of work during this time of year. Even though she’s no longer in college, she still gets a spring break. I think this is awesome, but also pretty unusual. Most working adults don’t get a spring break or have the opportunity to frolic around outside on weekdays.

If you’re like most people, you need to be in the office during the week. And according to author Kayla Sloan, this can lead to “Workplace Spring Fever.” This condition arises when you’re excited about the spring season, but you aren’t able to go outside to enjoy it. It can cause feelings of restlessness and distraction – and ultimately, a drop in productivity.

So what can you do to combat this condition, elevate your mood, and get your work done efficiently and effectively? Sloan has a few suggestions:

  1. Open your blinds – If you have a window in your office, make sure the blinds are open so the sunlight can stream in. Seeing the natural light will brighten your spirits and make you feel more alert and happy.
  2. Open a window – It’s not possible to open a window in a lot of workplaces. But if you can open the window in your office, go for it! The fresh air will invigorate you, and make you feel like you’re working outside.
  3. Go outside – Take a short break during the day and go outside. Even if you’re busy, this is a good use of your time. Being outdoors will refresh you, and make you more energetic and productive for the rest of the day.
  4. Put a plant on your desk – Research has shown that a potted plant can increase employees’ feelings of well-being. So if you can, bring a little nature into your workspace. Put a plant on your desk. It would not only be an attractive addition to your office, it could also help to make you feel happier and more engaged in your work.
  5. Start work earlier – Ask your manager if you can start coming to work a little earlier than usual each day. This new work schedule would allow you to take a longer lunch break or leave work a little early in the afternoons. Either way, you’d have more opportunity to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Happy spring!


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