At a lot of companies, leaders say that they’re there to serve the shareholders and make a profit. But according to author Marcel Schwantes, the best and most successful leaders feel like they’re there to serve their employees. If their employees are happy and productive, the customers will be happy with the services that they’re receiving, and the business will thrive. Great leaders need to care about their employees and show them that their work is valued and appreciated.

So how is this done? What should great leaders do to show their employees that they care, and ensure that their employees are happy and productive? Here are three things that every leader should do regularly:

  1. Talk to your employees about what they like to do best – Get to know your employees and find out what they like to do. And then let them do it. Employees do their best work (and are the most productive) when they’re allowed to focus on the tasks that make them feel engaged and happy.
  2. Acknowledge the work that your employees do – Don’t just praise the people who are working on the high-profile projects. Everyone on your team is contributing to the company’s success. Let them know that you can see the work that they do, and you appreciate it.
  3. Allow your employees to grow and change – If your employees become interested in different aspects of the business and would like to start taking on new types of projects, you should seriously consider it. Even if they’ve been very successful in their current roles, you should give them the chance to branch out. Allow your employees to start moving into new roles, and give them opportunities to take on new responsibilities. Your employees will be much less likely to leave and take a job somewhere else if they’re able to stretch their wings in their current positions.


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