Snacking is great. It’s fun and tasty. And it can even make you more productive! The right snack can help to perk you up when you’re feeling tired and sluggish at work. It can be just the thing to make you feel more alert, focused, and productive.

But you can’t just eat any old snack. (Although potato chips are delicious – and I’m actually snacking on them right now – they aren’t a good choice.) Research has shown that certain foods and drinks have the power to boost your productivity. Here’s a list of seven items that can make you more focused, efficient, and effective:

  1. Almonds – Increase focus
  2. Green teas – Increase focus, reduce blood pressure, and boost metabolism
  3. Bananas – Increase energy and focus
  4. Eggs – Improve memory and produce faster reaction times
  5. Dark chocolates – Increase energy and reduce stress
  6. Apples and peanut butter – Increase focus and boost energy
  7. Carrots and hummus – Improve memory and enhance mood

And you should also try washing your snacks down with a glass of water! If you’re well hydrated, you’ll feel more energetic and alert.


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