Working Americans don’t tend to use all of their vacation days. A recent study indicated that more than half of Americans don’t use all of their time off.

These employees often report feeling stressed about the notion of taking time away from the office. They claim that they’re too busy with projects, things would fall apart at the office without them, or their bosses might think less of them.

In truth, however, research has shown that vacations generally have an extremely beneficial effect. People who use their vacation days tend to be more productive and successful – not less.

  • Vacations make you more energetic and motivated – Having time away from the office can help you to feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated when you return. Having the opportunity to rest and relax will help you to be a more creative and productive employee.
  • Vacations help you to gain perspective – If you’re always bogged down in your everyday tasks and worries, you’ll never have the opportunity to reflect on your career and where it’s headed. Gaining a little perspective can help you to adjust your course, if needed.
  • Vacations help you to get ahead – When you return to the office after a vacation feeling relaxed, motivated, and energized, your boss will take notice. And that could make all the difference if you’re working towards a promotion.

So go ahead and use your vacation time! Not only will you get a much-needed break from the office, you’ll also be more productive, motivated, creative, and successful.

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