Want to listen to music while you work AND be extremely productive? No problem! You just have to listen to the right kind of music.

According to productivity experts, certain types of music can help people focus and get their work done more effectively, while other types of music can be a distraction. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Don’t listen to music with words – Unless you’re doing some sort of mindless, repetitive work, you shouldn’t listen to music that has lyrics. The words will distract you from the work that you’re trying to do, and make it harder for you to read or process information efficiently.
  • Classical music is a good choice – Research has shown that classical music can stimulate brain activity. It can give you the mental boost you need to concentrate on a difficult task and get your work done efficiently and effectively.
  • Instrumental movie soundtracks are good too – Not a fan of classical music? That’s OK! An instrumental movie soundtrack is also an excellent option. The music will help you to focus and, as an added bonus, everything that you do will feel extremely epic.
  • Enjoy the sounds of nature – But what should you do if you don’t like classical music or movie soundtracks? Enjoy the sounds of nature! Listen to crashing ocean waves, a gurgling brook, or a lush rainforest, and you’ll be both productive and soothed.

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