Trying to incorporate humor into the workplace can be a risky endeavor. Something that’s funny to one person could possibly be viewed as inappropriate by another person. But according to author Peter Navarro, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Working in an office where people laugh together can have a lasting, positive effect on employees’ productivity and efficacy, and boost their feelings of job satisfaction. According to Navarro, incorporating humor into the workplace results in the following:

  • Improved teamwork – Coworkers who joke around together are also more likely to feel connected to each other, communicate more, trust each other more, and work with each other more effectively. Employees are more likely to feel like they have their colleagues’ friendship and support.
  • Reduced stress – Laughter is a great stress reliever. According to the Mayo clinic, it soothes feelings of tension, releases endorphins, improves your mood, decreases your heart rate, and even relieves feelings of pain. So laughing with your colleagues is definitely beneficial.
  • Enhanced creativity – Humor can help people to relax – and relaxation gives people the freedom to be creative. When employees feel stressed or pressured, it’s very difficult to “think outside the box.” But in a workplace environment in which humor and laughter are part of the culture, it’s much more likely that employees will feel free to take chances and be truly innovative.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – Happy employees provide better customer service. The happiness that they feel spills over to the customers, and makes every interaction more engaging and effective.

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