In a recent survey, 1,614 North American employees were asked what they felt they needed in order to be happy at work. Did they need a fitness center? Special ergonomic chairs? An onsite cafeteria? Onsite childcare?

Survey results indicated that respondents were certainly interested in those kinds of perks. But the one thing that they wanted most of all was more simple and basic – natural light. Over 50% of the respondents felt that natural light and a view of the outside world were the most important things to them. These features made them feel happier, more satisfied with their workplace, more committed to their work, and more productive.

Previous research studies have also shown that natural light is important. People who are exposed to natural light tend to feel healthier. They’re less likely to suffer from eye strain and headaches. In addition, they’re more alert during the day, they sleep better at night, and they’re more effective at their jobs.

So what should you do if your office doesn’t have a window? Take regular breaks and go outside – even if it’s only for five or ten minutes. Being outside will do wonders for you, even on cloudy days! You could also consider getting yourself a special bright light lamp. They produce a bright, glare-free white light that can help to boost your mood.


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