Working from home is a great idea for a lot of people. When commutes are impossibly long, and work can be done remotely, it just makes sense. But working from home does present certain challenges. Distractions are everywhere, it can be hard to stay motivated, and loneliness can be a big problem.

So if you work from home, what types of things can you do to be happier and more productive? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Stick to a schedule – Plan out your day, and then try to stick to it. If you decide that you’re going to start working at 9:00 a.m., make sure you’re at your desk by that time. And plan to take breaks as well! Taking occasional breaks will make you feel more energized and productive.
  • Get out of the house at least once a day – Sure, it’s a wonderful thing to not have to change out of your pajamas. But it’s actually good for your mental health to go outside at least once a day. Taking a short walk around the block or running a quick errand will make you feel more accomplished and less isolated.
  • Get some exercise –Sitting at a desk all day is hard on your body. If you rarely move, you can easily end up feeling stiff and achy. Exercise can help to alleviate that problem. It’s also an excellent way to relieve stress.
  • Try not to get upset about the fact that you may sometimes be overlooked – People who work from home run the risk of being overlooked. Since you’re not in the office every day, it may not always be obvious to your coworkers how much effort your work takes. This may result in your receiving less praise and recognition than you deserve. Keeping in close communication with your boss and coworkers can help to make this situation better.


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