Would you like your managers and coworkers to view you with more respect? According to author Geoffery James, it’s easily done. It just involves two simple steps:

  1. Stop promoting yourself – Don’t spend a lot of time talking about your great qualities and impressive accomplishments. This type of behavior doesn’t tend to impress others and it might actually make people view you more unfavorably. Your colleagues might start to think that you lack humility and credibility.
  2. Listen to your colleagues and help them out –Ask your managers and coworkers to tell you about what they’re working on and any challenges that they might be having. Then try to figure out ways that you can help. If you can help your colleagues to be more successful, they’ll be so appreciative. And after that, you won’t have to talk about how wonderful you are. Instead, your colleagues will do it for you!

So in conclusion, actions speak louder than words. Show everyone how awesome and helpful you are, and they’ll respect you for it.


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