Is your office cold – even in the heat of summer? Mine is. I always feel chilled. I don’t particularly mind it when it’s hot outside. But at this time of year, it feels unpleasant to have icy fingers and toes.

If you’re dealing with a similar situation, you probably try to alleviate the problem the same way I do – by putting on multiple layers. As I type this, I’m wearing an old fleece jacket and fingerless mittens. I’ve draped my bulky winter coat over my lap. (It’s a good look.) And I also have a fleece blanket and shawl stored in my desk drawer, just in case things get really frigid.

But what if your layers just aren’t cutting it for you? If you’re still feeling cold despite wrapping yourself up in multiple sweaters, here are a few additional things that you can try to heat yourself up.

  • Plug in a heating pad – Heating pads feel great. Not only do they warm you up, they’re also good for alleviating muscle aches and pains.
  • Go for a short walk – Walking is always a good idea. It’s healthy, it’s a good stress-reliever, AND it can warm you up by getting your circulation pumping.
  • Drink something warm – A nice, hot beverage will warm up your hands and make you feel toasty.
  • Run warm water over your hands – This technique can help to get the blood flowing to your fingers (at least temporarily).
  • Eat something spicy – Research indicates that spicy foods can raise your body temperature and boost your metabolism a bit. This could help you to feel a little warmer. In addition, spicy food is tasty, so that’s an added benefit!

Good luck! Bundle up! Think about investing in a pair of fingerless mittens! (I love mine.) And stay warm!


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