When you’re faced with a challenging situation at work and it’s causing you a lot of stress, how do you cope with it? I think a lot of people try to distract themselves from the thing that’s causing them stress. They might take a walk, chat with coworkers, or watch a few cat videos. And there’s nothing wrong with engaging in these types of stress-relieving activities! (Research has actually shown that cat videos can be very soothing!)

But investigators have discovered that trying to distract yourself is actually not the most effective way to deal with a challenging situation. Here are a few techniques that were found to work much better:

  • Think about how great you’ll feel once you’ve conquered this challenge – This can motivate you to try to tackle the situation and get it done.
  • Think about the fact that it will all be over with soon – If you’re dreading an upcoming meeting or stressful event, you’ll be able to handle it better if you keep reminding yourself that it will be over before you know it!
  • Keep track of your progress – Try to chip away at the challenge and keep track of what you’re accomplishing. It can help to boost your mood and make the task seem less daunting.
  • Try to stay positive – Try to maintain a positive attitude! It can help to alleviate the stress that you’re feeling and make the challenging task a little easier to accomplish.

Good luck! And remember, you’re going to feel wonderful once it’s all over with!


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