Do you have a coworker you just don’t like? It there something about the coworker’s personality or work style that bugs you? Do you hate it when you have to work on projects with this person? Do you try to avoid this coworker as much as possible?  

If so, it’s probably making your work life less satisfying and more stressful. Conflict is never fun. Research shows that when coworkers are angry with each other, it reduces their happiness and productivity. Life is just easier when everyone gets along.

So what should you do to remedy this situation? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Don’t badmouth your coworker – Even though it can be very satisfying to complain to your friends at work about the person you don’t like, don’t do it. Trash talking is mean, and the people who do it look like bullies. It will reflect badly on you.
  • Try to figure out why this coworker bugs you so much – Why does this person push your buttons? Is it because he or she reminds you of someone who upset you in the past? Or perhaps this person has qualities that you see in yourself and don’t like? Be honest with yourself about why you don’t like this individual. It might help you to be a little more forgiving.
  • Be kind (or at least professional) – If you always act irritated or annoyed when interacting with your coworker, your coworker will certainly pick up on it. And your coworker will treat you angrily in return. This type of toxic relationship is harmful to you and everyone else around you. So try being kind instead. Smile, greet your coworker in the morning, and maybe even chat a little bit at lunch. Try to be compassionate and see things from your coworker’s perspective. If you feel like this is too much to ask, that’s OK. But no matter what, you should always be fair, polite, respectful, and professional.
  • Uncover shared interests – Try to find some common ground with this person. Maybe you share the same taste in movies or have similar hobbies. Talking about shared interests can help you to get to know your coworker a little better, and like this person a little bit more.  
  • Remember that it’s OK not to like someone – You don’t have to be best friends with everyone in the office. It’s OK if you don’t have (or want) a close relationship with your coworker. But don’t waste your energy being angry, and don’t take minor slights personally. Try to rise above it, focus on your job, and enjoy your time at work.

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