Here are a few interesting facts about the workplace. Read on, and you’ll be fully prepared for your next trivia night!

  1. People are most likely to take a sick day on Monday – except in Australia, where the most common sick day is Tuesday.
  2. People are least likely to take a sick day on Friday. Fridays in the office tend to be more fun, relaxed, and social.
  3. Employees who have a certain amount of control over the way their workspace is arranged tend to feel healthier and happier while they’re at work. 
  4. If you work 40 hours a week, you’ll most likely work around 90,000 hours during your lifetime.
  5. The average employee spends approximately 50 minutes a day looking for missing documents, emails, and files.
  6. Researchers have found that when people are distracted by incoming emails or phone calls, their IQ drops by 10 points. This is equivalent to what happens when people miss a night of sleep. It’s double the effect of what is experienced by marijuana smokers.
  7. The average American spends over 100 hours commuting to work each year.
  8. Almost 60% of employees check their work email on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  9. Most Americans will hold seven to eight different jobs before they turn 40.
  10. Most rolling office chairs travel about eight miles each year.

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